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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can We Utilize Your Service Along With Our Own Recruiting Efforts?
A. It can be very difficult to compete with additional ads and candidates that are submitted by other recruiting agencies. We ask that, once you give us a specific position to fill, we are exclusive recruiters for that specific job order. Many companies have positions that are posted on their websites and also are able to gain referrals through other employees and networks. We ask that all referrals and additional candidates – for the jobs you give us - be forwarded to us. We will gladly include them in our process. This not only ensures that your hiring practice is consistent, it also guarantees that FFR will be compensated for our time invested to date.
Q. How Do I Contact You?
A. For Questions or Inquiries Contact: Ava Smith, President at 864-326-4211 Ext. 4 or 1-800-369-HIRE
Q. How Do You Prescreen?
A. We create customized questionnaires for each position you give us. Candidates are required to answer that questionnaire, as a first step, to see if they have the experience you are seeking. Afterwards, if they are still deemed a possible fit, we then move on to a face -to-face meeting. We will conduct a phone screen, if they are not local.
Q. How Does This Process Work?
A. It’s simple… Flat Fee Recruiting will advertise your position and search for resumes that fit your criteria. We then prescreen, interview local candidates, and phone screen candidates non-local candidates that are a possible fit. Summaries are forwarded to you and you will meet the candidates that interest you. YOU tell US who you want to hire.
Q. How Long Does It Take FFR To Fill A Position?
A. The length of time will depend mostly on how quickly the Hiring Manager submits the FFR Recruiting Requisition, reviews Online Interviews, and selects and interviews Candidates. The process will surely take longer and good candidates will lose interest if Hiring Managers do not respond to questions and requests for information, provide feedback, and provide properly completed documents on a timely basis. Depending on the complexity of the job, and client responses, fill times typically range from 14-30 days.
Q. What Commitment Does FFR Give To Me ?
A. We commit to: Giving your position the attention that it deserves. Updates on the status of your openings. Honoring the criteria you are seeking. Due diligence in the process to protect you legally. Communicating any concerns we see in candidates.
Q. What Commitment Does My Company Give to FFR?
A. By engaging us, you commit to: Giving FFR a fair opportunity to fill the jobs you give us. Following protocol in the requisition process. Providing swift feedback on candidates that we forward. Interviewing in a timely manner. Offering positions in a timely manner. Displaying respect for our time and hard work. Honoring our terms of payment.
Q. What Other Pre-Employment Screening is Done?
A. Once you have a finalist, we will check references and conduct a National Criminal Background Check. We will also conduct a credit check, for applicable positions. We will forward you the results of all the references and checks so that you have documentation of due diligence in the hiring process. Yes……this is included in your fee!
Q. When Do We Have To Pay?
A. We do not charge up-front fees. We firmly believe that you should not have to pay until we deliver! Once it is confirmed that a candidate has accepted the position, an invoice will forwarded to you.